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Padumalal Punnallal Bakshi Srijanpeeth, Bhilai

Under the Department of Culture of Chhattisgarh Government, the great literary language of the national language Hindi and the son of the holy land of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Padmalal Punnalal Bakshi, is a literary institution, Sarjen Peeth. With its national activities this institution has now made its identity and dignified place among the writers across the country.

The conference was organized on 27th May 2010 on the occasion of Jayanti of Dr. Padumlal Pannalal Bakshi ji. On October 3, 2010, a discussion meeting was held on the 'Fish Meeka' by Guru Gulbir Singh Bhathiya, senior litterateur of the fort. A discussion meeting was held on October 22, 2010, on the work of Acharya Maheshchand Sharma, "Religion and Politics".

A day-long literary conference was organized in Dikshit Auditorium, Bilaspur on 2nd January 2011, on the occasion of the date of Punishment of Bakshi ji and the "Indian Journalism, issues and expectations" was released on 6.3.2011 and organized a conceptual seminar has gone.

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