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BahuAayami Sanskriti Sansthan

Chhattisgarh Multidimensional Cultural Institute has been constituted for the development of the institute related to the direct organizing of various cultural activities of the state, development, publicity, compilation, workshop etc. The institute will be an intercessional committee of highly acclaimed literary artists. Also, high-level experts selected from various arts and faculties will be involved. This center will encourage community-specific cultural activities everywhere.

For the purpose of realizing this plan, auditorium, Muktakash Manch platform, art gallery etc. should be prepared. 4.8 acres of land has been made available in the middle of the capital, Pundari for the construction of 'Multi-modal Culture Institute'. It has been decided on the concept and nature of proposals received from veteran architects from across the country for the construction of this cultural complex and accordingly, the work will be started soon.

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