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Chhattisgarh Film Vikas Nigam

An objective---
1. Provide opportunities for development of acting and film making talents in the state.
2. Attract capital investment in the state through the film industry.
3. Ensure performance of the images in films in the regional languages of the state.
4. Involving visual culture in secondary and higher education courses, attempts to make film production as part of tourism and promote incentives and 
    promotion of concerted activities related to film development in the state.
5. Develop basic structures to promote film production in the state.
6. Promoting and disseminating the cultural, mythological, historical heritage and glorious traditions of the state at home and abroad.

Government of Chhattisgarh, Ministry of Culture, Mahanadi Bhavan, Atal Nagar, Raipur order no. F-3-04/2018/30/No. dated September 25, 2018. on Mr. Rajesh Awasthi has been temporarily nominated President of Chhattisgarh Film Vikas Nigam.

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