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Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Samman

The versatile genius of the versatile Pandit Sundarlal Sharma, was the forerunner of Jan Jagran in Chhattisgarh and social revolution. On December 21, 1881, you were born in village Chandrasur, situated on the banks of Mahanadi near Rajim. Your schooling took place at the primary level and at the same time you learned Sanskrit, Bangla and Oriya languages ​​at home. From adolescence, you started writing poems, articles and plays. To eradicate the prejudices, the education was considered necessary.
You used to emphasize Chhattisgarhi with Hindi language too. You composed about 18 texts in Hindi and Chhattisgarhi, in which Chhattisgarhi Dan-Leela is a masterpiece. In the last phase of the 19th century, the waves of political and cultural consciousness were rising in the country. Social reformers, thinkers and patriots gave a new thinking and direction to society in this phase of change.

In Chhattisgarh you did an unforgettable job of bringing the voice of social consciousness home. You have paid all your gratitude to the national agricultural movement, prohibition, Tribal movement, associated with Swadeshi movement and yajnavadhi of freedom. You have worked tirelessly to remove stereotypes, superstition, untouchability and evils in the rural areas of Chhattisgarh.

Mahatma Gandhi admired the work of your Harijan work, while doing it with a free voice, you considered it a guru in this work. Kandel Nahar Satyagrah was successful in your leadership in 1920 under the Dhamtari. Mahatma Gandhi came to Raipur for the first time on 20th December 1920 by your efforts.

During the non-cooperation movement, you were the chief of the people who went to jail from Chhattisgarh. Keeping the life-long life simple, following the ideal of high thinking.Due to the diligence in the social service, the body became impaired and you died on December 28, 1940. Chhattisgarh Government has established the honor of Pandit Sunderlal Sharma for his literature/Anchilike literature.

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