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Bilasa Bai Kevtin Samman

Bilasa Kevtin was born on the banks of Arpa river. The 16th century was known for its valor and bravery, Bilasa, a very cute girl born in an anonymous tribe of fishermen. In folk tales related to Bilasah, it is mentioned that once a king wanted to strike his self-respect. Dearer songs get details of his makeup -

Khopa Paray Ringi - Chingi

Te mother mother of gold singi

The lyrics are exaggerated - 'Rupa Machi, Son Ke Parra'

In Kevtin's poetic statement, the character and nature of the contemporary society emerges, in which the equality of sixteen castes speaks to the sixteen species of fish, the understanding and eloquence of the social structure of Ketu is exposed.

There are rows for Kevtin eloquence; Being born in the Kettling caste and being attached to the aquarium, he is still respected among the socialists due to being famous in history.Impressed by the history of Bilasa Kevtin, the state government announced the award for Mrs. Bilasa bai Kevtin from 2006 to promote the development and fisheries of Chhattisgarh fishermen.

Samman Intake

Madiyapar-Dhamdha, District-Durg
Mana Camp, Raipur
Jhanakpur, Raigarh
Vill-Kuruddih Durg
Vill-Bagoad, Kurud, Distt-Dhamtari

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