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Dau Dular Singh Mandaraji Samman

Dau Dular Singh Mandaraji was born on 1 April 1910 in the prosperous landlord family of Kahli Village. There was a wage of four to five villages. You had a special attachment to song and dance since childhood. In those days, there was a talk of bhajan in village-village. This transit period was the transition of musalla dance productions that took a stand or torch. This prevailing form developed and took the effective effect of gam-nach and made the place on the platform. You made a lot of contribution to the stage of the dance development tour.You started the effort by refining this mode with distortion and by refining the stage of Kali village's stage performance. Their crew fitted with competent artists gradually gained popularity. Chhatisgarhi Nacha's Lokayatra Raipur, Durg, Rajnandgaon, Jagdalpur, Ambikapur, Raigarh to Tatanagar started spreading in many small places. Kahli Dal's dance performance in Rajabandha ground in Raipur is still remembered.

You have the credit for bringing the legends like Madan Nishad, Lalu, Bhulavaram, Fidabai Marakam, Jayanti, Narada, Sukalu and Phagudas in the field of acting through dance. Through the dance, Chhattisgarh dedicated its body and mind to keep the culture of living alive and its proper protection. The last day of life lived in oblivion and poverty, but bypassing the desire of praise you personal gain, you only considered the prosperity of the dance as the meaning of life.
He died on 1984. It is inspiring for the new generation to keep the protesting folk-dances alive, their reputable public relations and folk artists. Chhattisgarh Government has established Dau Dular Singh Mandaraji Honor for folk art/crafts in his memory.

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