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Bisahudas Mahant

Bisahudas Mahant ji was born on 1 April 1924 in a prosperous farming family in a village named Saragaon in the then Bilaspur district. Primary education took place in the village, later after high school examination in Bilaspur, BA from Nagpur Maris College. Ale. lb. Passed the test of. From student life, you were influenced by Gandhiji, and participated in his movement, you were a freedom fighter.
You are considered the dreamer of Bango Dam. In your political life, you have been advocating equal rights and fighting for their rights for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden, Harijans and backward classes. Where does Ajatashatru go to you? Sant Kabir had a great influence in your life. Your entire family is Kabir Panthi family. You died on 23 July 1978 in the Government Hospital of Champa.With the aim of promoting Gandhiji's cottage industry, you have the credit of taking the handloom textile industry to the international market. For this important and public interest work, the Bisahudas Mahant Award has been instituted by the Chhattisgarh government.

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