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Maharaja Agrasen Samman

Agate Maharaja Agrasen is believed to have been born in the Sunavanshi Kshatriya Total, about 5000 years ago, at King Vallabh of Pratap Nagar. You were of a very kind, generous and tolerant attitude from childhood. Your marriage was done by the daughter of Nagraj Mahidhar. At the age of 35, the foundation of Agroha empire was laid, in the opinion of non-violence in your state, in the spirit of human equality, labor, happiness, and co-ordination, the survey was satisfied: the survey was satisfied and the person at the end of the society should be added to the main stream of society. Was there.
Your life has been sacrificed, austerity and dignity. After sacrificing the prevailing violence in the then yagna, you organized 18 great men. It is believed that Aggarwas (Agarwal Samaj) were established only on the name of 18 teachers in the yagna. Along with the concept of an unscrupulous society, you established Bharattha and friendship with human welfare, to enable the overall society to prosper. In a state of brick, a brick announces a currency, in which the competent person will cooperate with the person standing at the last end, under social responsibility.

Your inherent ideology of human welfare by cultivating an equitable society and developing socialist system in mutual cooperation. Live the policy of your foremost state and live is the great message of two humanities. You have renounced your selfishness and adopted the path of Paramartha and reputed values โ€‹โ€‹of the peasant life, the glory of labor, the exploitationless society, the sacrifice of the animal, the eradication of discrimination, the unity of women, and the unity of diversity in the society. You were the seekers of the upliftment of the human being, and by mutual cooperation, continue to invoke each person for human welfare, path-breaking and inviting for the discharge of responsibility. The Chhattisgarh Government has established Maharaja Agarsen honors for the commendable work in the field of social harmony in his memory.

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Raipur Chhattisgarh
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