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Maharaja praveerchandra Bhanjdev Samman

In the self-sacrificing idol of Bastar, the name of Maharaj Praveer Chandra Bhanjdev of Rajkul is named as the Jyotipunj. You were born on 25 June 1929 in Darjeeling. Your mother's name was Prafulkumari Devi and the father's name was Praful Chandra Bhanjdev. Adaptation and education took place in western influence, but your heart was fascinated by Indianism. In order to protect their culture and rights as well as organizing them for tribal interests, you look forward to the last breath.
The simplicity, generosity and self-esteem in your lucrative personality was a glimpse. You were a studious, thoughtful and humble seeker. Even though it was related to the Dynasty, you were not only slightly proud and used to help all of you liberally. The upliftment of Bastar and simple tribals in paramountcy was paramount in your work and meditation. You have never been attracted to power, however the adivasis always persuaded Manjhi-Mukhiya and women to participate in the democratic system. From nature and wild life, you had immense love.

You were proficient in literature, history and philosophy and knowledgeable in Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages. You also wrote books in Hindi and English. We also strive to counter the scientific basis of yoga. Horseback riding, tennis etc. were dear to you and contributed generously to various sports competitions. The national views were strongly opposed to respect and injustice. Your popularity was a challenge for opponents.

This successful son of Bastar fought the suppression of social injustice and life values, like the warrior on 25 March 1966. You were wealthy and devotees of science throughout the life, the rights of tribals and the struggles of the struggling, indecisive personality, and posthumously honored in Bastar. The Chhattisgarh government has established Maharaja Praveer Chandra Bhanjdev's honor for his excellent performance in the field of archery in his memory.

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Bilaspur (Para Archery)
Shivtarai, Bilaspur
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