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Gundadhur Sammam

Among the many anonymous revolutionaries of tribal zones in the Indian independence movement, Bunchar's bosom is a miraculous character. You were born in Nettar village of Bastar. This valiant young man of Dhurva caste was the main figure of the tribal uprising of 1910. At this time, against the devious rule of the Britishers, Jorosha appeared in Bastar as an earthquake. Your indomitable courage and strategy were highlighted at the center of this uprising. On February 1, 1910, there was a revolt in the whole of Bastar. In your leadership, government institutions and properties were targeted for overthrowing the British rule.

With the help of Murat Singh Bakhshi, Balaprasad Najir, Veerasingh Bandar and Lal Kalindri Singh, you took efficient operation of the revolt. Red pepper and mangoes' twig were used to transport the message of the rebellion to the villages and villages. In the rebellion, when British supporters were frightened by destroying the British communication system, Major Gere and De Brett had to go to Bastar from Raipur. The British executed brutally villagers and hanged many innocent people. The rebellion was crushed until May 1910.

You reconcile your colleagues and compete with the British in village Amarnar, but this time a betrayer gave your information to the British. You were surrounded by all but facing the guns of soldiers, you escaped. The British wrestled Bastar's rhetoric, but you did not get caught up to the end.

Gundahur was a great fighter, knowledgeable in the guerrilla warfare and being a patriot, as well as being aware of the traditional interests of tribals. Description of your heroism in the songs and songs Your sacrifice and sacrifice are memorable and inspirational. The Chhattisgarh government has established a lot of respect for his outstanding performance in the field of adventure and sports in his memory.

Samman Intake

Khamtrai, District-Bilaspur
Raipur Chhattisgarh
Ward-23, Rajnandgoan
Vill-Khaira, Mungeli

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