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Haji Hassan Ali Samman

Haji Hassan Ali was born on 2 October 1913 in Raipur. In the poetry of Mr. D.B. Khimsa, your renowned father, you are brought up in a literary atmosphere. Your education-initiation was done through Urdu medium. Adeeb Kamil equivalent BA Till you got training While living in the age of Urdu elders, you started doing Urdu literature from youth only. How do you learn Urdu from Urdu in terms of popularizing Urdu language? Learn Urdu from Hindi and write books such as Urdu Learning.
As the President of Anjumane Panjtani, you organized All India Musairera and All India Urdu Conference. For the promotion of Urdu education, you started the madarsas schools in 1972, and also started the tradition of giving rewards to the students of the backward classes to motivate them to study. You continue to participate in social service programs.

You have been honored with many honors for the service of Urdu, which are notable in Urdu, Adaab Urdu, Urdu Ratna, Ruhe Urdu, Urdu and Shan etc. of Urdu. Haji Saheb, who had undertaken selfless service to Urdu during his life and encouraged the poets and poets, had thought that Urdu is not only the speech of the Muslims, but the language of the people of the country.In your personality, there was a glimpse of the Khudari with Adab Nawaji.

With the help of Vatanaparthi, you have always been a part of the community. Tajdagi was worried about the betterment of Urdu, your last decade ended on February 19, 1985. Haji Sahab's contribution to the promotion of Urdu festivities in Chhattisgarh, preparation of good faith and maintaining glorious tradition, will give the new generation light. Chhattisgarh government has established Haji Hassan Ali's honor for the service of Urdu language in his memory.

Samman Intake

New Adarsh Nagar Durg
Baijnathpara, Raipur
Chhota Ashok Nagar, Raipur
Mominpara, Raipur
Basera Coloney. Distt-Bilaspur

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